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I’m Kathleen M Demuth, but everyone calls me Katie. I suppose that I should probably introduce myself.

I am a junior at Drake University. I’m a News major with a double major in Politics. I am involved and social active. I have a passion for politics that I would like to add to my writing. I have an abundance of writing and interviewing skills. I am a

storyteller that is creative while staying objective. I am the future winner of a Pulitzer Prize.

When I meet new people there are typically a few questions that I get asked a lot. First, where is Drake? Usually people have no idea where Drake is; it’s in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s a small private school in the heart of Des Moines. I’m only a few minutes from downtown Des Moines, which is great. Its super easy to go do stuff and get really good food. Then people ask me, “why did you go to Drake?” And this is what I tell them. I’m from Crest Hill, Illinois, which is in the south suburbs of Chicago. So I could have gone to a great school in the city. However, I wanted to go somewhere far enough from home yet still close to come home for holidays. Plus, Drake has an excellent journalism program and the professors are always willing to help. It just felt like home.

The next question I get asked is, “why journalism and politics?” Well, I have always felt that I was a good writer. So I knew I wanted to do something with writing or publishing. Sophomore year of High School, I joined the school newspaper and I fell in love with it. And I’m happy to say I still do. I added my politics major after I started college. I was now part of a politically active campus (Drake held one of the Democratic debates during the primaries). I became more aware of how much impact politics had and decided that it was something I wanted to pursue and it fit well with my News major.

I am currently employed at Drake West Village, as a Community Assistant or CA for short. I work in the leasing office doing basic office tasks like answering the phones and answering questions. And I now know everything there is to know about leases. It is a legally binding document, in case you were wondering. I also write and design the newsletter every month. So, I still get to be creative even at work. I am also part of the marketing for Drake West Village. Overall, I love my job and my bosses think that I do an amazing job. If you don’t believe me, call them.

One interesting fact about myself is I have an Instagram for my socks. You heard that right. I have what I like to call a socksagram. I regularly post pictures of my socks. It started as a joke because my friends noticed I had cool and unusual socks. I have (legit) socks for every holiday and season, everything from Christmas to dogs. Give me a follow at @sock.till.you.drop.

I hope that tKathleen M Demuth his gives you a little insight into who I am. Feel free to follow me on social media. Enjoy!




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