Fun at the Botanical Gardens

There’s so many fun things in DSM!

I love Des Moines and its surrounding neighborhoods like West Des Moines. There are so many fun things to do. One of my favorites is the Botanical Gardens.

As someone who grew up with gardens around their house, it feels very homey here. I have always thought that plants were interesting. Flowers were on of the first things I used to photograph.

The botanical gardens is a great afternoon adventure. There is so much to explore there. It is a big dome filled with beautiful flowers and plants.

You can see the dome from I-235. It stands apart from the rest of the city. I would say that it is one of the unique structures in Des Moines. But it is still very connected to the city.

The Botanical Gardens are part of the walking trails that connects the city. It is not a far walk from the Brenton Skating Park or the Capitol.

Once you arrive you are greeted with sculptures and beautiful landscapes. Inside there are paths to walk around and see different climate zones. You can see a desert climate and all the cacti. Or you can walk in a more tropical climate.

The is also an outdoor area you can walk around. You can see the river and learn about plants that are more native to Iowa.

Have fun learning too at the gardens.

Speaking of learning, you go to events and learn more about plants and gardening. The Botanical Gardens holds events like Gardening 101 and Yoga in the Garden.

Kelly Reilly, Director of Marketing, says that one of the biggest events is the Social Irrigation Summer Concert Series.

“It’s a great way to experience the Garden outside of our normal hours and enjoy a wide variety of music from across the region as well as local favorites” said Reilly.

The Summer Concert Series is every Thursday night through the end of September. Next Thursday, June 14th, catch Tony Valdez and the Retro Rockets. To find the schedule visit

In the winter, the Botanical Gardens has a similar event called the Botanical Blues you might want to check out too.

There are a wide range of events that you can choose from, and there is something for everyone. Reilly recommends some other workshops geared for college students and others living in apartments.

“We also have a lot of classes geared toward people who don’t have a ton of space for gardening but want to learn more about plants, like our popular Terrarium workshops” said Reilly.

The Botanical Gardens brings people from all over the city. You can see artists getting inspiration from the greenery. And photographers capturing the beauty of flowers. You might also be able to see a wedding. It is a popular venue for outdoor weddings.

You can enjoy the Botanical Gardens year round. And it only costs $10 to enter.

To find more interesting and fun things to do in Des Moines, keeping following my blog for more of my favorite places to go or go to Catch Des Moines to find upcoming events.