Colorful Socks

I have a socksagram!

So if you do not already know, I have an Instagram for my socks. I always use this as my fun fact because its fun.

My Instagram started out as a joke. Freshman year of college, my roommate and all my friends loved my socks. One day I made a joke about posting pictures

of all my socks. And thus the socksagram was born.

I have socks for literally every occasion and every season; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, food.

My obsession with socks started a long time a go (in a galaxy far far away (Thats what I think about when anyone starts a sentence like that.)) when I was a kid. My grandma would do little stuffer gifts to go with your present for your birthday or Christmas. She did it mostly at Christmas as stocking stuffers. My mom and I would get them as our stocking stuffer. They usually were Christmasy socks.

Then my grandma starting giving us socks with other presents during holidays, like Easter and 4th of July. I really liked them. I thought they were all really cool and different. So my need for colorful socks grew.

Whenever I was at Target with my Mom, I would make her buy me the socks with the weirdest print on them. Sometimes, she would complain that my socks did not match my outfit.

Everyone knows I love socks now.

Now my Mom buys me these socks on purpose. This past year for Christmas I got dog socks. One pair is pink with poodles and the other are blue with hotdog dogs. (I have yet to post them on my insta.) Even my boyfriend got me socks. (They are the pink ones above.)

I like wearing crazy, interesting socks because they are fun. It makes it fun in the morning when I get dressed because I can pick out any socks to wear not just plain white or black. I can choose to be Christmasy or summery.

So when a friend brought up making a instagram for my socks, I jumped on the idea. I think at first everyone thought it was a joke. But, my first successful post was the second one. I posted a picture of my peep socks and tagged the Peep Co. in the picture and they liked it!! It was so amazing.

Soon I had all these sock companies following me and other sock enthusiasts too. I have more followers than I follow. And I get lots of likes and comments too. All of the comments are positive. The sock community is very supportive lol.

Stay tuned for more posts.