Just a Taste

I love food! Who doesn’t love food?

I love all food. I like to try new things and new places. I really like to go out and get food. My favorite place to go right now is probably Haiku. Mostly, because it is my apartment complex. The crab rangoon is soooooo good there. I am probably obsessed with sushi right now. My friends love going out for sushi.

But I like to go to other places around Des Moines. One of my favorite places to eat at is Fong’s. I always order the crab rangoon pizza (see I’m obsessed with crab rangoon). Crab rangoon pizza sounds so weird, but its so delicious. Fong’s has a really cool atmosphere; its kind of chinese beachy theme. The drinks are also tasty.

Another restaurant downtown to go to is Americana. Its a really modern feeling restaurant. They have a really good specials menu. On Sundays, its $6 hamburgers. I either get the burger americana or the rise and shine burger, which has a fried egg on it. All the burgers come on a chibitta bun, yum! They are so filing and come with delicious fries.

My boyfriend loves their fries.

So being originally from the Chicago area, there is a lot of good places to eat. First, Lou Malnati’s has the best deep dish pizza, period. Don’t argue with me on that. Portillo’s has the best chocolate cake shakes ever. Back home is also where my ultimate favorite ice cream parlor. Its called the Plush Horse and they make the best homemade ice cream. They also have some of the most unique ice cream flavors, like Peeps (which conciendentalhy are my favorite Easter treat).

I cook!

Enough about my favorite places to eat. I can also cook my own meals. My mom taught me how to cook. She is my favorite cook. I would say that I am pretty good at it. I have never given myself or someone else food poisoning (yay me!). Although I still have a lot to learn. My roommate thinks that I make a pretty mean fried chicken. I also make a really good chicken parm.

I prefer to bake though. I am even better at baking believe it or not. Everyone tells me I make the best chocolate chip cookies. My boyfriend tells me my banana bread is excellent too. I had to be a baker because its in my blood. My mom bakes, her mom bakes, and her mom baked. Now I have all of these recipes passed down to me to bake. But I also like to make new recipes that I find. I am a little more adventurous with baking because I know what I am doing more. I have more experience with it because I’ve been baking with my mom as long as I can remember.

I love food so much!